What are the Most Frequent Dental Diseases in Children?

There is a belief that children do not need to go to the dentist until their final teeth come out. Traditionally, the dentition of milk has not been given much importance, because it is thought that since it is not definitive teeth, the problems that it suffers should not be treated. It’s a mistake. There are dental diseases in children that can affect from an early age and must be treated. This is responsible for child dentistry, also called pediatric dentistry. Specialists in dental treatments for children.

What Are the Most Common Childhood Dental Ailments?

The child’s dental health has an impact on his general health and also conditions the health and condition of the final denture. A bad mouth can have a negative influence on how to chew food, causing the child to suffer digestive and even nutritional problems. Oral health also affects the child’s immune system. These are the most frequent diseases in the infant mouth:


A disease that can become serious if left untreated. It is caused primarily by poor oral hygiene. It is important not only to treat it, but to correct it as soon as possible, instilling in the child good dental cleaning habits. Gingivitis can lead to loss of tooth support, bone loss and tooth decay due to poor gum conditions, which fail to hold them.


Also called the disease of canker sores, it causes the appearance of very painful ulcers in the mouth, including lips and tongue. Burning becomes unbearable and feeding difficult due to pain. This disease usually affects girls more than boys. The causes are unknown, although it points to stress, systemic diseases and some immunological factors. These ulcers also appear by friction or by introducing irritating substances into the mouth, such as acidic foods. Occasionally, the appearance of mouth ulcers is indicative of an important disease.


They leave ulcers in soft areas of the mouth, such as the palate, tonsils or pharynx. They are caused by a virus and more frequent in school age. They usually cause epidemics and run with fever.

Hand-foot-mouth disease

It is due to Coxsackie A 16 virus. It is manifested by vesicles in the hands, feet and mouth.

Oral candidiasis

Produces typical whitish and cottony pseudo membranes that break off easily, leaving the gum red and inflamed.


It usually comes out in the lower lip but it can also be done in other areas of the oral mucosa with salivary content. Sometimes cysts form that must be surgically removed.

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