Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Sedation (Sleep) Dentistry

Prior to treatment being started, we will administer the sedation as needed.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who are otherwise nervous or frightened of visiting the dentist. Likewise, sedation is essential for more complicated procedures, like surgeries. We offer a variety of sedative options in our office to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. Because sedation is safely monitored and administered at all times, it is safe for patients of all ages.

Why would Sedation Dentistry be needed?

You may choose to have sedation administered because you simply don’t like sitting for dental appointments. If you’re nervous about your visit with us or have been putting off care, we offer a range of sedative choices perfect for you. For more complicated and invasive procedures, we may recommend full sedation so that you can be asleep during the treatment.

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Who’s a good candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients are good candidates for sedation dentistry. We will go over your health and medical history to ensure that you’re healthy enough to undergo sedation. In some cases, we may recommend stopping a certain medication shortly before your appointment. We will provide information on what to expect during and after the appointment.

What happens during Sedation Dentistry?

Prior to treatment being started, we will administer the sedation as needed. You will then fall asleep and we will begin the work that needs to be done. Once the procedure is finished, we’ll bring you to one of our recovery rooms so that you have time to gradually wake up. It’s important to always bring someone with you to your appointment if you are undergoing sedation dentistry. It is not safe to drive yourself home after being fully sedated no matter how awake you feel. Because we monitor sedation at all times, it is safe and effective for the majority of our patients who are requesting this for their treatment. You can finally feel comfortable in the dental office thanks to the sedative options available to you.

If you think you may benefit from sedation dentistry and want to learn more about your options, call us today and our staff members can further assist you.