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Our Sedation Dentistry Options Keep Our Dental Patients Comfortable

Are you searching for a dental office where you can actually look forward to your visits? Graceful Smiles Dentistry serves the southwest and greater Houston area and offers in-house dental sedation options to our patients. No matter what your dental experiences have been in the past, we’re sure you’ll feel relaxed when you’re in our care!

All of Your Treatment in One Visit

One of the best benefits of sedation dentistry is that patients have the opportunity to catch up on all of their dental care needs in just one visit. That’s right! Depending on the amount of care you need, many of Dr. Mammen’s patients come to her because they want to be able to “sleep” through all of their dental care and “get it over with” at one time.

We offer sedation to patients that:

  • Simply want the most relaxing dental experience possible
  • Have a history of bad dental experiences
  • Are anxious about discomfort they may feel during their treatment
  • Want to have all of their treatment completed in a single appointment
  • Have difficulty sitting or remaining still for a longer period of time

Graceful Smiles Dentistry

Safe Sedation that Eases Your Mind

Dental sedation comes in different forms. Our patients can choose from:

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation uses a prescription strength sedative to help calm patients into a deep, relaxed state. Most people report that they feel as if they are dreaming or taking a light nap, and don’t remember a single thing about their appointment. [Read more…]

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas”, Graceful Smiles Dentistry patients can request nitrous oxide during any dental appointment. Whether it’s a cleaning or a root canal, nitrous oxide helps create an overall relaxed sensation and you can even go right back to school or work afterward. [Read more…]

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