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Tooth Colored Fillings Restore Beauty and Function to Your Smile

Composite fillings are an excellent option when it comes to restoring the health to your smile. Every tooth-colored filling is carefully color-matched to each patient’s smile, so that it blends in with the rest of his or her teeth.

Some benefits to composite fillings include:

  • More tooth structure is preserved
  • Less tooth preparation is needed
  • They can be placed in any area of the mouth
  • You can’t see them when you smile
  • The fillings are smaller
  • They provide a more cosmetic option than silver fillings

The material that is used to make “white” tooth colored fillings is able to bond directly to your tooth. That means Dr. Elsa is able to place them on areas of your teeth that traditional fillings can’t; such as on the smooth surfaces of the teeth, on chipped front teeth, or along the gumlines.

Composite Teeth Fillings Are Healthier For Your Teeth

When Dr. Elsa places a composite filling on a tooth, only the damaged tooth structure is removed. There’s no need to remove additional layers of enamel in order to help the filling stay into place (the method used for silver fillings.) Not only that, but the composite material contains fluoride particles, which help strengthen the tooth once the final restoration is in place.

Replace Your Silver Fillings with White Ones

Do your old amalgam fillings make you uncomfortable smiling in pictures or laughing around other people? We can help! Many of our patients come to us asking if their old fillings can be removed so that a white filling can be put in its place. In most cases, yes! Simply schedule a visit at Graceful Smiles Dentistry at your earliest convenience to find out how we can help.



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