Oral Exams For Kids And Adults

Thorough Oral Examinations for Adults and Children

Every patient receives a detailed examination by Dr. Elsa at each visit. We believe that by carefully monitoring our patients’ oral health, we can provide minimal treatment intervention as needs arise, keeping treatments smaller and more affordable. No matter what your age is, comprehensive exams are one of the key parts to your dental health.

What do we check for in our exams?

New Patient Exams

A comprehensive oral examination is conducted on every new patient that visits our office. During this exam we will take a full mouth series of digital X-rays to screen for oral abnormalities and disease that can’t be seen visually. A visual inspection will check for visible tooth decay, monitor the bone levels for periodontal disease and bone loss, and screen for oral cancer. We will also assess your TMJ, anatomical function of your smile, and occlusion (bite.)

During your new patient exam, you’ll have a chance to visit one-on-one with Dr. Elsa to discuss what your primary needs and concerns are when it comes to the health of your smile. Should we find any areas of tooth decay or oral disease, we’ll recommend a customized treatment plan to help you restore your mouth to a disease-free state.

Periodic Exams

Every 6 months during your preventive care (cleaning) appointment, Dr. Elsa will re-check your teeth and monitor your oral health for any changes since your last exam. Oral cancer screenings and periodontal disease assessments will continue to be an important part of early diagnostic screenings that we conduct.



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