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Tooth Extractions – Non Surgical and Surgical

Graceful Smiles Dentistry Offers In-House Dental Extractions

Most of us don’t look forward to having a tooth removed, but there are times when this step is absolutely necessary. Severely infected or damaged teeth may be untreatable, or a patient may need to have the tooth removed to help alleviate pain.

We offer extraction services for patients that:

  • Need to have diseased teeth removed
  • Have impacted wisdom teeth which are causing discomfort or interfering with the health of other teeth
  • Are having full mouth dentures or implants placed

Simple and Surgical Extractions Offered

The type of extraction that you need depends on the state of the tooth that is being removed. For instance, a fully erupted tooth that has broken off or is being removed due to another type of therapy need is usually a simple extraction. They are relatively straightforward to complete and don’t require very much time. A surgical extraction is one that is more involved, such as an impacted or partially impacted wisdom tooth. These extractions require slightly more time and a different approach than the removal of fully erupted teeth. Dr. Elsa Mammen has extensive experience in offering both types of extractions, so there is no need to refer patients to a dental specialist for their treatment.

We Put Your Comfort First

We understand that your primary concern during an extraction is how comfortable you’ll be. That’s why we offer a choice of sedation and relaxation options to help keep patients comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Patients can elect to have nitrous oxide during their visit, or take advantage of our sedation dentistry options.



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