Crowns & Bridges

Crowns – PFM and all ceramic

Preserve and Protect Your Badly Damaged Teeth with Full Coverage Crowns

What is a crown?

A crown (sometimes called a “cap”) is a restoration that covers the entire tooth surface above your gumlines. Unlike fillings that restore a cavity inside of the tooth, a crown goes around the tooth, to protect it’s structure, function, and seal out bacteria.

Crowns are used on teeth that have:

  • Been treated with a root canal
  • Suffered from a fracture or trauma
  • Experienced large amounts of decay
  • Not enough healthy enamel to support a filling

Function that Looks Great

By placing a crown over your tooth, that tooth can once again function just like a healthy tooth. It can withstand normal chewing and biting forces without the fear that the tooth won’t hold up adequately. Graceful Smiles Dentistry crowns can be used on natural teeth, or even placed on top of dental implants to replace missing teeth – Read more about dental implants

Our crowns are custom designed so that their shape and color makes them look as if they were one of your natural teeth. All of the crowns that Dr. Elsa delivers are made of porcelain fused materials or fully ceramic. These materials allow us to create crowns that will endure normal daily use but also meet the esthetic demands placed on teeth that show when you talk, smile, or laugh.

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The Treatment Process

Most of our patients will require two separate visits for their crown treatment. At the first appointment, the tooth will have any cavities or enamel damage removed and the tooth will be prepped for supporting the crown. An impression is then taken of the tooth, which is used to create the final restoration. The patient will wear a temporary crown over the tooth until the permanent crown is ready for delivery, approximately 2 weeks later. At this short visit, the crown is permanently bonded into place and the treatment is complete.