Prophylaxis For Kids and Adults

Graceful Smiles Dentistry

Preventive Dental Hygiene Care for Your Entire Family

Have you been searching for a dental office that will see your entire family, regardless of their ages? Then look no further! Graceful Smiles Dentistry is pleased to offer family dental care for everyone, in one single office location.

Pediatric Dental Care

The earlier your child receives preventive dental hygiene care, the longer they can benefit from a healthy smile. By having enjoyable, preventive visits with our team, your child is less likely to associate going to the dentist with a bad experience. We’ll review smart nutrition choices with them, help them to brush on their own, and even place sealants on their permanent teeth to help prevent tooth decay from forming.

Preventive Adult Care

We recommend that our patients have a preventive cleaning every 6-month to remove normal build-up that occurs on the teeth. We also conduct a periodontal screening to identify any areas of concern before they become significant. If gingivitis begins to develop, we will discuss methods that can be implemented at home to help reverse the infection completely.

Why are cleanings so important?

Routine dental cleanings help keep your mouth free of diseases like gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. It also provides us with an opportunity to address concerns while they’re as small as possible. During your appointment, we’ll also discuss oral hygiene methods or aids that can help you take better care of your mouth.

What About X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile. These images allow us to diagnose and assess areas between the teeth for bone loss or tooth decay…areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Our digital equipment keeps radiation 4 times lower than that used for traditional X-rays.



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