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Preventive Dental Care and Hygiene Services

The foundation of a healthy smile is one that’s built on preventing problems before they start. At Graceful Smiles Dentistry we do just that. Our comprehensive dental hygiene and periodontal care services help prevent tooth loss caused by gum disease.

Something for Everyone

No matter where you are on your path to a healthier smile, we’re here for you. It may be your child’s first dental visit, your preventive cleaning, or a periodontal health visit. One of the benefits of being a patient of Dr. Elsa Mammen is that we provide all of these services in one convenient location, making it easier on you and your family.

Even if you have a history of not enjoying the dentist, we invite you to give us a try. We concentrate on patient comfort and can help even the most anxious dental patient. Our optional [sedation dentistry] options are perfect if you’ve been putting your routine care off for too long!

We offer:

Preventive Care for Children and Adults

A strong, healthy mouth begins with one that is free of plaque and tartar. We’ll walk you through a customized oral hygiene play and provide preventive cleanings every 6 months to help you keep your mouth disease free. [Read more…]

Deep Cleanings

Active gum disease can destroy the supporting gum tissue and bone around the teeth, causing tooth loss. Removing bacteria and tartar in these deep areas helps combat and reverse gum disease before it’s too late. [Read more…]

Periodontal Maintenance Programs

Recovering from gum disease doesn’t happen overnight. Some areas may require more attentive care to prevent recurrence of the disease or to even keep it at bay. [Read more…]



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