Snap On Smile

Snap on Smiles Give Graceful Smiles Dentistry Patients a New Look – With No Treatment!

We all have things that we want to improve about ourselves. For some of us, it’s our smile. We may have crooked, missing, or discolored teeth that make us feel self-conscious when we’re around other people.

What if you could change all of that – your entire smile – with absolutely no dental treatment at all?

Snap-on-Smiles can give you a brand new smile, instantly.

A Snap-on-Smile is a removable prosthesis, just like a retainer. It fits right over your natural teeth in their current condition, but makes it look as if you have a brand new smile that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Boost your confidence

Feel less self-conscious when you’re around other people

Improve your smile without any dental treatment

All that’s needed to get started is an impression of your teeth. Dr. Elsa Mammen then uses this impression and your personal preferences to help design a Snap-on-Smile that looks exactly the way you want it to. Your Snap-on-Smile fits securely over your teeth, staying in place all day long while you’re talking to co-workers, smiling in a photo, or laughing with friends.

Snap-on-Smiles are a great alternative to cosmetic dental care when you have other things planned down the road, or your budget is a big concern. This treatment helps get you by when appearance matters the most, but time is of the essence. Even if you have other dental work that needs to be done, a Snap-on-Smile can give you the temporary cosmetic solution that you deserve.

Stop by Graceful Smiles Dentistry to see some of the before and after Snap-on-Smile treatments that Dr. Elsa Mammen has completed, or schedule your Snap-on-Smile consultation today!

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