Porcelain Onlays are Your Answer for Cosmetic Restorative Treatment

Dental onlays are perfect restorations for teeth that have large areas of decay, yet don’t quite need a full coverage crown. They can also be used to replace large silver fillings, when replacing them with a tooth colored filling isn’t an option.

The Three-Quarter Crown Option

You’ve heard of tooth colored fillings and porcelain crowns…but is there something in-between the two? Yes! Porcelain onlays can restore up to 3/4 of a tooth’s surface, which is more than a filling, yet maximizes the healthy tooth structure that is still present without covering the entire tooth.

The color of your onlay allows the final restoration to look as if it isn’t even there. It blends so well with your natural enamel, that it’s both a cosmetic as well as a restorative treatment.

The Graceful Smiles Dentistry Onlay Process

Your dental onlay treatment will be broken into two different appointments, similar to the process used on dental crowns. At the first visit, your tooth will be numbed and the damaged portion of the tooth will be removed. An impression will then be taken of the tooth and a temporary filling will be put in place. The impression is used for our state-of-the-art dental lab to make a customized porcelain restoration for this tooth. Not only does it fit the tooth perfectly, it also fits against your other teeth perfectly as well. Within about two weeks, your onlay is ready for delivery. Dr. Elsa will remove the temporary filling and then permanently bond the onlay into place. You’ll immediately be able to continue biting and chewing on the tooth as you did once before.

Graceful Smiles Dentistry



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