If the thought of visiting the dentist for even routine exams brings on anxiety, you’re not alone. As much as one-fourth of the population avoids going to the dentist due to fear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re ready to make a change, try these tips for relaxing before and during your visit.

What Is Really The Issue?

Anxiety. Like most patients, you associate a trip to the dentist with fear, pain, and that dreaded drilling sound. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with having a dentist use “their tools” and invade your personal space? This is all understandable, but it is all anxiety. If you can figure what cause the fear and anxiety of going to the dentist, you can use techniques to alleviate these symptoms. Consider these tips.

  • Schedule visits on an off day or low stress day.
  • Be upfront with your dentist and share your concerns.
  • If allowed, consider bringing headphones to keep your mind distracted with music.
  • Talk with friends or relatives who have been through similar procedures to get an idea of the process and what to expect.

Is It Your Fault You’re Not Relaxing?

In some cases, fear of visiting the dentist is due to the amount of time between visits. If you have had lapses in insurance or have simply been too afraid, you can find yourself avoiding the dentist for so long that you create your own fear making it difficult to relax. Consider the benefits of your visit. Your dental health will greatly improve and you will begin to face your fears and develop a way to cope with visits.

Your Dentist has a Dentist Too!

Your dentist are normal people too. They have their own dental care to consider. Establish a rapport with your dentist by asking general questions. Even asking about different dental proceudres they may have faced or unusual cases they have been involved with.  Comfort with the person working on your teeth will allow for a more relaxing visit.

Going to the dentist isn’t always enjoyable. And sometimes, it is downright awful. Using the right techniques can calm you down and make your visit a bit more enjoyable.

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