Tis the Season for all things merry and bright and we’re sure that that is how you want to keep your teeth too. Through office parties, social events, and even under the mistletoe, how can you keep your teeth their whitest and your breath the freshest?

We have a few tips for you.

Hydrate the Right Way

To keep your teeth white, avoid soda, red wines, black coffee, and dark teas that easily stain your teeth. Choose a white wine, a fruit juice, or a glass of water to be the most effective. But if you really want to enjoy one of the aforementioned beverages, rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking these beverages. This will also help keep your breath fresher.

A Breath of Freshness

Snacks and sweets are plentiful during the holidays and usually, you can find parsley and peppermint alongside the spread as decor. But they are so much more than decor. Parsley contains a natural deodorizer called chlorophyll, so if you munch on a mushroom cap that was heavy on the garlic, chew on a bit of parsley to naturally freshen your breath back up.  And peppermint can do the same, including peppermint oil! Add a splash to your water and you’re golden.

Stay Well Stocked

It’s not practical to brush your teeth after every party or get together but you can use a Wisp or chew on sugar-free gum in between. You should also keep a few dental floss picks handy for when a pesky bit gets stuck between your teeth.

By avoiding drinks that stain, munching on natural deodorizers, and staying stocked with on the go oral health tools, your smile will stay as merry and bright as your holidays!

Want to start the season with a white as snow smile? Contact Graceful Smiles Dentistry today and ask about teeth whitening options.