Halloween in Richmond Texas is always an exciting time for children and adults alike. Halloween festivities in Richmond are always popular and plentiful, but the amount of candy a child brings home can be staggering, especially if a home has multiple children bringing home candy.

Not only does all of that candy cause sugar rushes for the kids (and headaches for the parents), it can cause tooth decay and cavities. Sticky candy especially can get caught between the teeth and saliva is unable to wash it away. And Jawbreakers and other hard candies can cause tooth breakage if they are chewed on too soon.  

Not All Candy Is Bad

Candy in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. Moderation and selection can go a long way towards satisfying your sweet tooth without causing dental problems.

That is why Graceful Smiles Dentistry has joined the Halloween Candy Buy Back program.

Halloween Candy Buy Back 2017

We are excited to be participating in the Halloween Buy Back program for the first time this year. Children can bring us their excess candy on select days and we will pay them $1 per pound that is turned in. The collected candy is then sent to our troops overseas.

We don’t want all of their candy. We understand that part of the joy of Halloween is all of the candy that is collected. Ask your kids to pick a small selection of their favorite pieces of candy, one to two a day for a week is ideal, and turn the rest into us.

We will pay them cash for their candy. 

Richmond TX Halloween Candy Buy Back Program Details

Visit us at our office, located at 7770 W Grand Pkwy S,  Ste E Richmond

on November 2nd – 4th from 8am to 5pm

Questions? Call 281.713.4990