Cosmetic Dentist in Katy | Richmond.  A decayed tooth not only causes an immense amount of pain but also restrains you from having certain kinds of foods. However, a lot of you must have got it fixed by getting a dental filling done but did it sustain? If it didn’t, then you might not have paid much heed to its maintenance later.

Any dental treatment requires an aftercare as you need to be cautious about a lot of things so that the procedure is effectual. We have elucidated about the necessary measures which you must take after the completion of your dental filling.

Wait for At Least an Hour to Eat: You may feel hungry after the completion of the filling but do not eat anything for the next one hour. The filling won’t dry immediately after the procedure, rather it will take some time. Therefore, wait for a while and then eat or else the treatment would not make any sense.

Don’t Eat Anything Sticky: Sticky food items should be strictly avoided after a dental filling procedure. What if it gets stuck to your filling? It might come out and you would not want anything of that sort to happen. Thus, do not eat chewing gum, caramel candies, taffies and so on for a day or two.

Rinse if There is a Gum Irritation: Many people have felt an irritation in their gums after a filling session. But do not fret, as there is a solution to this issue. Take a glass of salted water and start rinsing if your gums swell or bleed. This will lessen the irritation and get you some relief.

Do Not Bite the Inside of Your Mouth: And anesthesia will be given before performing the dental filling due to which, you may end up biting the inside of your mouth. But make sure you don’t because it could give rise to some serious problems. Do not even bite your lips and tongue after the procedure. The area where the dental filling will be performed might remain numb for three hours. So, be very carefully till then.

Anything Hot or Extremely Cold Must Not be Taken: There are high chances of your teeth getting sensitive after a dental filling session. It can stay for a few days or even a week or two, and you should not have anything hot or cold during that period of time. Try to give up on ice creams and hot beverages for a while.

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